Saint Mihiel Offensive Front Line with Division Assignments Battle Map


The Saint Mihiel Offensive took place in mid-September 1918. It was the first and only major offensive operation of World War I commanded and executed by American leaders and units (French were involved, but this was mainly and American offensive). It also marked the first time the US military utilized tanks in battle. At Saint Mihiel, the American tanks engaged were led by George Patton (344th and 345th Battalions of the US Tank Corps). For his action in the Saint Mihiel Offensive, Patton was awarded the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross.

This map has a detailed view of each American division on the line and how much of the line they were responsible for. Updates were made to both American and German lines daily on this map over the course of the battle. 

American units involved at Saint Mihiel (from Northwest to Southeast) are 4th, 15th French Colonial, 26th, 1st, 42nd89th, 2nd, 5th, 90th, and 82nd Divisions. The 2nd Division during the battle was commanded by Marine General Lejeune, one of the few times an Army division was commanded by a Marine. Part of the 2nd Division was the 4th Marine Brigade, which included the 5th and 6th Marine Regiments.

Result: American Victory

Published: Unknown, most likely 1918

Scale: 100,000

Dimensions (Width x Height): 21.1x28.1

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