Does the Battle Archives watermark come on the map?

    • The watermark will not be on the physical map you purchase.

    Is shipping included in the price?

      • Yes, there is a free shipping option for orders within the US for both print only and custom framed orders.

        How long will it take to receive my order?

          • Generally, the following timeframe below holds true for almost all orders
          •      Free shipping, 8-10 business days
          •      USPS Priority or equivalent, 5-7 business days     
          •      USPS Priority Express or equivalent, 3-4 business days

          Are the dimensions listed in inches or centimeters?

            • The listings are in inches, width x height

            Are these maps originals or reproductions?

              • Most are reproductions (those that are originals are designated as such) as these reproductions are designed to be displayed for many years in your home or office using high end printing methods and paper.

              Are you interested in my map?

              • We are always interested in new maps. Use the Contact Us page to start a conversation. 

              I didn't see any maps for the battle I was looking for, can you help me?

              • Yes. Submit what you are looking for in our "Contact Us" section and we will try to help locate a map that is right for you.

              Why do some maps have unit movements and others do not?

              • Recent wars, such as Vietnam, Iraq (outside of the 2003 invasion and Fallujah 2004), and Afghanistan have produced less large scale battles and more localized, smaller engagements. With South Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan having American units all over the country (i.e. no longer advancing like the Third Army did in WWII), very few engagements would have a map with "large blue arrows of advance." This is why many of our recent engagement maps are those similar to what the service members themselves would have had in their pocket while on patrol.