Bunker Hill, Massachusetts Battle Drawing


The Battle of Bunker Hill was one of the first engagements of the American Revolution, taking place after Lexington and Concord on 17 June 1775. Taking place north of Boston and right outside of Charlestown, most of the combat occurred on modern day Breed's Hill, east of Bunker Hill. At the time of the battle, the hill had no name and was considered a part of the higher Bunker Hill. Breed's Hill got its name not long after the battle. The battle proved the Americans could and would stand up to the British and inflict significant casualties on them. It also showed that the rebellion had serious and widespread support.

This map is a drawing of the battle titled "A Correct View of The Late Battle at Charlestown" from 17 June 1775. 

Result: American Strategic Victory, British Tactical Victory

Created/Published: Unknown, potentially 1775

Dimensions (Width x Height): 13.2x9.2

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