Fort Wagner, South Carolina 1863 Plan and Sections Map


Fort Wagner, South Carolina (called Battery Wagner by the Confederates) was on the southern edge of the entrance to Charleston Harbor. For the Union to get into Charleston, they first had to take the forts surrounding the entrance to the harbor. The First Battle of Fort Wagner was fought on 10-11 July 1863 and the Second Battle of Fort Wagner was fought on 18 July 1863. The Union was able to take portions of the fort, but never able to hold the fort. The famous assault by the 54th Massachusetts Regiment took place during the second battle. 54th Massachusetts was the first regiment organized consisting of all black soldiers. The 54th and its assault on Fort Wagner was the subject of the movie "Glory." The valor shown during the assault led to the first Medal of Honor being awarded to an African American. 

This map shows the outline of Fort Wagner along with other small drawings of the fort. The assault by 54th Massachusetts took place in the bottom central to bottom right section of the fort as oriented on this map. 

Result: Confederate Victory

Published: 1863

Dimensions (Width x Height): 24x29.9

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