Marianas Campaign: Saipan, Guam, Tinian


The Marianas Islands Campaign took place from June-August 1944 consisting of invasions of three different islands: Saipan (15 June-10 July 1944), Guam (21 July-8 August 1944), and Tinian (24 July-1 August 1944). Each engagement resulted in American victories. Text in the bottom left reads "The southern Mariana Islands form a line of about 180 miles, running southwest from Saipan to adjacent Tinian, to Aguijan, to Rota, and then to Guam. Rota stands about half-way between Tinian and Guam. The three islands shown here are at approximately the same scale."

Result: American Victory


Dimensions (Width x Height): 15x11.6

Map Credit: USMA History Department

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