Normandy Juno Beach Assault Battle Map


Operation Neptune was the initial assault phase of the Allied invasion of France on 6 June 1944 (Operation Overlord was the codename for the invasion of the entire Normandy region). The Americans stormed the beaches of Omaha and Utah, the British at Sword and Gold beaches, and the Canadians came ashore at Juno beach. Allied paratroopers had dropped behind German lines the prevent reinforcements from coming to the front as the seaborne landing troops came ashore. A successful beachhead was established which allowed for the Allies to breakout into Northwestern France in their march to Germany.

This naval depth and fathoms map shows the landing areas at Juno Beach. The 3rd Canadian Division was responsible for Juno on D-Day. Beach sectors Mike Green, Mike Red, Nan Green, Nan White, and Nan Red are annotated. There is a handwritten arrow pointing from the water on into the landing beaches. 

Result: Allied Victory

Created/Published: 1944

Scale: 37,500

Dimensions (Width x Height): 17.9x23.1

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