Okinawa Landing Beaches Planning Map


The Battle of Okinawa (Operation Iceberg) was fought from April to June, 1945. The amphibious landings at the outset of the battle was the largest amphibious assault of the Pacific War. Okinawa was the last stop on the Allied island hopping campaign before getting to the Japanese main islands. The US took over 50,000 casualties in the battle.

This map shows the western beaches of Okinawa along the China Sea. These had been designated Yellow 1, 2, and 3, Purple 1 and 2, and Orange 1. Hand drawings of the landscape are included. This is the type of map that would have been heavily relied on to plan and execute the amphibious assault on Okinawa. 

Result: American Victory

Published: 1945

Scale: 10,000

Dimensions (Width x Height): 17x22

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