Operation Barbarossa Start of Invasion Battle Map


Operation Barbarossa was the German invasion of the Soviet Union from 22 June 1941 until the Germans were stopped at the gates of Moscow on 5 December 1941. The Germans unleashed the blitzkrieg in the largest land invasion in the history of warfare on the Soviets and advanced towards Leningrad, Moscow, and through Ukraine with Army Groups North, Center, and South. The Germans racked up many tactical victories but ultimately were stopped short of Moscow as winter set in. 

This captured German map shows the Eastern Front the day after the invasion on 23 June 1941 with all of the divisions across the front shown. Note the headquarters of Army Group North (Nord), Center (Mitte), and South (Sud) with their lanes of advance into the Soviet Union. 

Result: German Strategic Failure

Created/Published: 1941

Scale: 1,000,000

Dimensions (Width x Height): 22x43.6

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